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Background and history so far...
MLD is well known for its innovative work for commercial and entertainment clients throughout Asia.  Alongside this core work the practice has developed a strong body of work for private residential clients and developers throughout the region.

Mark Lintott originates from England where he built up a solid foundation of work while at the practice of PTCO in Chelsea London. Mark spent 8 years working with PTCO contributing to a diverse range of clients and projects in London and overseas. The projects ranged from high end private residences to a multitude of other bespoke work including recording studios, shops, restaurants and offices. Geographically these ranged from London to California to New York, Tokyo and eventually Taiwan.

In 1991 Mark left the firm and established his own practice in Taipei Taiwan at the beginning of a period of enormous change in the region. MLD set up in Taipei and was fortunate to do so with the support of several key clients enabling the firm to quickly establish a solid foundation. Since 1991 MLD has developed into one of the most respected design firms in the region balancing success for our high profile commercial clients and great satisfaction for the more discrete but no less demanding private clients.

The work does not follow a particular style or single concept but is approached with the knowledge that every client and every project is different and therefore requires differing solutions.  The firm is well known for thoughtful solutions to unique situations and is keen to embrace simple colours, materials and components sourced locally but utilised in new ways or re-purposed to fit.  Tight budgets or short time schedules are viewed as positive contributors to the process rather than negatives and involved clients are a highly valued part of the whole process.

MLD have recently completed a landmark project for Shinkong Mitsukoshi department stores in Chongqin China. Its one of the largest malls in Asia and represents an entirely new direction for both Shinkong and for this scale of commercial project generally. As a family memory driven space it includes a village of shopping and entertainment outlets around a 5 floor atrium with its own green landscape, clouds and a 2 floor carousel at one end.
Earlier in 2017 MLD finished a smaller scale, high end, boutique type department store for the Miramar group in Taipei with restaurants, shops and cinemas in the basement. Miramar are also the owner/operators of the cinema complex within Taimall in the suburbs of Taipei and MLD have completed a fast tracked renovation of the site completed on time and to a stringently controlled schedule and budget.
We have had the privilege of collaborating with a vast range of clients over the last 20 years or so and a large number have become repeat clients and close friends.  A few of the more public groups we have worked with since 1991 include:

Ritz Landis  HOTELS
Mandarin HOTEL
Warner Village Cinemas
Plush Club and Bar
Opium Den Partners
Cash Box KTV
Shinkong Mitsukoshi Department Stores
Very Thai Restaurants
Mint Bar and Club
Champagne Group
Gaw Capital Hong Kong - HOTEL G
Naga Development Beijing China
Wu Bai (Musician, Taiwan)
Shin Fu Fa Development Taiwan
Lien Jade Development Taiwan
Sotai Development Taiwan
Jia Shan Lin Development Taiwan
Chianti Restaurants Taiwan
Wego HOTEL Group Taiwan
Tatung Corp Development Group
HCCH Architects
Lui Associates Architects
Showtime Cinemas Taiwan
Robyn Hung Fashion
Bernini Fashion
Jin Party KTV
Eros Hair Salons
Yi Boutique Hotel, Tianjin
18 Café, Taipei
Babe18 Bar, Taipei
Wu Bai+China Blue 2014 Concerts
FRANK Bar, Taipei
Isabelle Wen, Taipei
New Square Department Store, Taipei
Miramar Cinemas

MLD has its main office in downtown Taipei. Staffed by a group of dedicated and enthusiastic designers from diverse backgrounds, the firm has a depth of experience unmatched on the island. The firms’ Senior Associate, Chia Yu Yen is responsible for the day-to-day operation of the design group. She has 10 years experience at MLD preceded by 8 years based in San Francisco. Each project is supported by a team, assembled according to the needs of the work and backed up by outside consultants where necessary.

Mark Lintott has lectured about the work of the firm on many occasions over the years and the firm has received many awards for its work including:

CSID Taiwan Gold Award for Hospitality space 2008 Hotel G in Beijing
CSID Taiwan short-listed for Commercial space 2008 Yapu sales building
CSID Taiwan short-listed for Residential space 2008 Lin residence Taipei
CSID Taiwan Award for Commercial space 2007 Nike Airmax
CSID Taiwan Award for Residential work 2007 Lin Residence
CSID Taiwan Award for Commercial space 2007 Champagne3

JCD Award (Korea) for Hu Jiang Yen Restaurant Taipei 2007
JCD Award (Korea) for Champagne 3 Bar Taipei 2007

ICI Dulux Award for commercial design – Just M Restaurant 1999
Award from Taipei City government - Contribution to the City streetscape 1996
ICI Dulux award for Commercial Design 2001

Hotel G in Beijing has won several awards since its completion in 2008 and is consistently voted the top small hotel in Beijing by publications from Vogue and GQ magazine to Agora Travel and Conde Naste Travel Magazine. Recently it was even listed as one of the top ten hotels worldwide by Shortlist Magazine in London.

In 2009 MLD completed a new flagship site for the Wego Motel Group in Taiwan and the firm is currently developing a new design direction for Jin Party KTV to be rolled out in numerous sites in China and Taiwan over the next 5 years.

In parallel with this MLD is in the early stages of planning a new venture to design and manufacture furniture and design accessories for sale initially in Taiwan but eventually, for export back to Europe and the UK in particular.

臺北, 臺灣

MLD的工作夥伴由一群熱忱有活力的設計師組成. 有別於其他事務所, MLD設計師們背景各不相同, 也因此為MLD帶來了多樣而深厚的專業歷練

林馬克,出生於英國。畢業於Buckinghamshire College環境與室內設計頭等學士。1981年進入國際知名建築師,也是求學時期的指導教授Julian Powell-Puck 及David Connor的事務所工作。

在建築與室內設計業界,馬克執行了許多的知名室內設計案,如美體小舖執行長Anita Roddick,英國流行樂手Adam Ant, 與知名吉他手Marco Pirron,Malcolm Maclaren,服裝設計師 Vivienne Westwood,倫敦視訊中心Metropolis Recordings,…等眾多名人寓所及公共工程設計案。

1989年馬克所屬P-T and C公司在台灣完成了大型商業賣場(ATT 百貨)。並陸續完成許多設計案。如,影城,餐廳,與名人寓所。1990年倫敦P-T and C 解散。此為馬克(MLD)在台灣發展設計工作的開端。1990年起MLD,於台灣與亞洲區囊括了許多建築,室內,傢俱,產品諸多設計案件。


華納威秀影城 , 台北
Plush Lounge and Bar, 台北
鴉片館 , 台北
錢櫃 KTV , 台北
新光三越 , 台北
非常泰餐廳, 台北
Atlantic Bar & Grill, 倫敦
Mint Bar 101, 台北
Champagne³, 台北
Hotel G , 北京 中國
御嘉置地住宅公設 , 北京 中國
伍佰自宅(台灣歌手) , 台北
EROS Salon,台北
18 Café, 台北
Babe18 Bar, 台北
伍佰+China Blue 演唱會舞台,台北
Robyn Hung 精品服飾店,中國/台北
FRANK Bar,台北
New Square, 台北


MLD 主要辦公室位於台北市市中心.工作夥伴由一群熱忱有活力的設計師組成.有別於其他事務所,MLD設計師們背景各不相同,也因此為MLD帶來了多樣而深厚的專業歷練.主要資深合夥設計師:嚴家瑜 負責商業類型及住宅類型設計案. 從案子的開始到完成.工作團隊皆能以專業的經驗及厚實的資源達成目標.


MLD 近年來榮獲了許多獎項:
中華民國室內設計協會 商業空間金獎   2008 Hotel G
中華民國室內設計協會 商業空間類大獎 2007 NIKE AIRMAX 展場
中華民國室內設計協會 住宅空間類大獎 2007 敦南林宅
中華民國室內設計協會 商業空間類大獎 2007 香檳3
韓國 JCD設計大展 滬江宴餐廳 台北
韓國 JCD設計大展 香檳3 台北
ICI 得利塗料 商業空間色彩應用大獎
台北市政府表揚 1996年 城市景觀傑出貢獻獎

北京 HOTEL G 設計案榮獲中華民國室內設計協會 2008商業空間類金獎.
而HOTEL G 也同時為倫敦Shortlist Magazine 獲選為世界10大飯店 .
MLD完成了薇閣集團位於台北的新飯店規劃案,以及北京的HOTEL G .
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