MLD is well known for its innovative work for commercial and entertainment clients throughout Asia. Alongside this core work the practice has developed a strong body of work for private residential clients and developers throughout the region.
Mark Lintott

Mark Lintott was born and educated in England. After graduating from art school in 1981 he worked for Powell-Tuck and Connor in London on a variety of projects for people as diverse as The Body Shop, Vivienne Westwood, Adam Ant and numerous high-end residential clients. The work was based in London but projects spread worldwide; California, Sweden, Japan and New York.

In 1989 Mark completed a large commercial space in Taipei, Taiwan for the ATT fashion group. This was closely followed by a string of commercial projects in Taiwan ranging from cinemas to restaurants to residential work for private and corporate clients. In 1991 Mark Lintott Design (MLD) was established in Hong Kong and a satellite office in Taipei opened.

Since 1991 MLD has been responsible for works of increasing scale and complexity in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, China and around Asia. The firm has built a reputation for design work that is both new and innovative but also invariably commercially successful. The entertainment and commercial work has gained MLD an enviable position at the top of their field.
In parallel MLD has built a solid reputation for bespoke residential work for discerning private clients and leading property developers in Taiwan and China.
Mark has held various teaching posts including periods at Shih Chien College Taipei and Tung Hai Taichung, He lectures on the work of the practice and is a regular visiting critic at the numerous design schools island wide.
The work of the practice has featured numerous times in Interior Magazine, Arch, Mondo,
Urbane, Vogue and Bazaar to name a few and Mark has appeared on several multi media
platforms. In 1998 he received a writing credit for the film by Edward Yang “A Confucian

“MLD has nurtured a diverse group of friends and
collaborators reflecting more than 30 years in the business
with 20 of those years based in Asia
This working family, most of whom remain close to the
practice long after their particular project is completed,
have provided the firm with opportunities as wide ranging
as sound studios, 5 star hotels, KTV’s , bespoke private
residences, stage design for concerts, restaurants, clubs
and TV studios."
Apartment Bar Taipei 1998
Apartment Bar Taipei 1998
Le Petit Sherwood Hotel Taipei 1996
Le Petit Sherwood Hotel Taipei 1996
Hai Pa Wang Banqueting Restaurant 1999
Hai Pa Wang Banqueting Restaurant 1999
Cala Cala Restaurant Taipei 1996 with David Connor
Cala Cala Restaurant Taipei 1996 with David Connor
Naga Cafe Beijing 2008
Naga Cafe Beijing 2008
The Studio

MLD is one of the leading design firms in Asia. We believe that great design can only be delivered by people with a deep social and cultural understanding of those we are
designing for and the environment that surrounds us.

MLD in Taipei maintain an office downtown with a staff of between 8-10 designers. Our designers are all bilingual and dedicated to producing the best. A diverse world is a more interesting world and in the same way a diversity of work is energizing and
maintains an enthusiasm within the firm which in turn leads to the generation of
challenging but successful work.
As the office is deliberately focused on design we have avoided the temptation of
serving two masters by incorporating our own construction dept. We do however, have
a handful of trusted contractors and makers on hand with whom we have developed
solid relationships over the years based on trust and a shared desire to deliver the best possible work on time and on budget.
We devote considerable time to assessing their needs and aspirations of our
clients and balance this with a desire to approach each project from a fresh
viewpoint. Our energies are focussed on accommodating the challenges of each
project and using those challenges as drivers for a successful outcome. We
believe there is no one way of solving a problem and very often the best solutions
come from a challenging brief and involved client.

MLD aims to produce world class design,
tailored to its site and responsive to its surroundings.”

“We strongly support practical, sustainable design and
are very aware of the impact traditional construction
has on our environment

"MLD works hard to devise solutions to materials and
methods of construction that help reduce this affect”

Private Lives

While MLD maintain a large body of work covering private residences and homes all over the world, most of these cases are by their nature, private. We respect the anonymity our clients but much of this work remains discrete and only shown on request.

Private homes have a longer lifespan than say, entertainment or hospitality projects and usually demand greater investments in both time and budget. MLD is usually contracted for the design, decoration and fitting out of private apartments. These projects are very time consuming and rely on regular communication, sharing with clients and contractors alike. With control over all aspects of the project MLD can be confident of meeting expectations of both clients and designers.

MLD respect traditional construction and details and every job builds on this
knowledge in producing highly contemporary spaces that while certainly modern are
also elegant and balanced in their execution.
MLD will typically take on every aspect of a residence including design, construction,
supply of furniture and lighting and design of bespoke furniture and other installations.

“MLD are fortunate to have attracted a wide
variety of clients over the years, many of whom
have become valued long term associates and

Private Residences
UMC Electronics CEO family apartment in Taipei
Wu Bai, singer - 2 houses so far and a live touring stage
Villa Zapu - Lundstrom Residence in Napa Valley
Adam Ant’s apartment in London when at the height of his powers in the early 80’s
Several buildings for Lien Jade the exclusive developer in Taichung
A weekend home for Isabelle Wen in Yang Min Shan
Michael Lin (Lin Min Hong) and Family
Apartment for guitarist Marco Pirroni in London
A Houseboat in Chelsea for another Lundstrom
Lee family residences in Taipei and Tainan
Dr Lee family in Tamsui
Eating and Sleeping

MLD have been fortunate to have kick started the nightlife in Taipei with Opium Den in
1996 followed by a succession of popular and successful bars and clubs.
Mixing the studios expertise in this and bespoke apartments led naturally to work on
hotels and restaurants with a similar “entertainment” character.

18 Café for the club group Room 18
Just M Italian restaurant the first “design” restaurant in Taipei from 1990
Chianti Restaurants Taiwan
Very Thai Thai restaurant for Thai Town Foods Taiwan
Beatate Italian Restaurant at Bellavita Hsin Yi District Taipei
Hu Jiang Yen Shanghai Restaurant Da An Road Taipei
CJ Cafe Miramar Cinemas
Le Petit Sherwood Taipei
Magnolia Hotel
Gaw Capital’s landmark project Hotel G in Beijing
Wego Hotels in Taipei
Aedas Architects - Resort hotel in Zhuhai China
One Hotel Tianjing
18 Cafe

                                                                                                        18 Cafe - Taipei, Taiwan

Drinking and Dancing

MLD kick started the contemporary nightlife scene in Taiwan with Opium Den in 1996 followed by a succession of popular and successful bars and clubs. These projects were a distinct departure from the predominant piano bar style nightlife of the time and were the first signs of a change in lifestyle and recreation for a younger generation. Opium Den spawned a whole new generation of clubs and bars including @live, Plush, Mint, Champagne, Barcode, Room 18 and more recently Frank. Some of the individuals involved remain close friends and associates and continue to drive the development of nightlife in Taiwan and China.
Opium Den - Taipei, Taiwan
Opium Den - Taipei, Taiwan
Opium Den - Taipei, Taiwan
Opium Den - Taipei, Taiwan
Franny Taipei Hsin Yi District
Frank Taichung
Frank Taipei
Hi Frank Taipei
Babe 18
Plush Bar and Lounge
Opium Den
Mint Bar at Taipei 101
Champagne3 Taipei Hsin Yi District
@live club Taipei
Mint at 101 Bar at the basement of Taipei 101
Atlantic Bar and Grille Soho London
Frank - Taipei, Taiwan
Shopping and Entertainment

MLD is fortunate to have led a number of prominent commercial developments all of
which are designed around the experience and creating memory.
Currently the office is working on a new restaurant site for Cashbox KTV in Kenting
and a third site for Frank in Taichung.
We have recently started work on a new commercial building for Tainan Spininng.
A new mall for Miramar New Square in Danhai is also nearing completion

Miramar New Square Department store Dazhi - Taipei, Taiwan
Miramar Tall Cinemas - Taoyuan, Taiwn

Robyn Hung Fashion Chain of stores in China and Taiwan
Isabelle Wen Fashion
Shinkong Mitsukoshi Department Store Chongqin China
Shinkong Mitsukoshi Department Store Taichung Taiwan
Hub Auto race cars Taiwan
ATT Fashion Taipei
Miramar New Square Department store Dazhi Taipei
Miramar Dan Hai Department Store
Tainan Spin Plaza for Tainan Spinning
BWB Bordeaux Wine Bank Taipei
Cinemas & KTVs
Warner Village Vieshow Cinemas
Shinkong Mitsukoshi Cinemas Taipei and Taichung
Miramar Cinemas Taoyuan
Showtime Cinemas Taipei
Vmix KTV Lin Tsen Taipei
Cashbox KTV Chung Hsaio Taipei,Tainan, Hsin Chu
Jin Party KTV Fu Hsin Taipei, Yen Pin Taipei, Shanghai, Beijing
Selling a lifestyle

Hand in hand with the private homes produced by the office MLD also have a strong reputation for successful work with high end developers in Taiwan and China.
This work often kicks off with unique sales apartment or show home followed by the design of interior facilities for the real building; lobbies, lounges, gyms and pools, cinemas, KTV’s and bars. 
We are fortunate that many of these clients return again and again due to the success of these projects.
MLD will typically take on every aspect of a residence including design, construction, supply of furniture and lighting and design of bespoke furniture and other installations.
A few of the more prominent firms and projects include:
Continental Construction
Yuan Lin Development Taichung
Naga Development Beijing China
Shin Fu Fa Development Taiwan
Lien Jade Development Taiwan
Sotai Development Taiwan
Jia Shan Lin Development Taiwan
Tatung Corp Development Group
Yapu Development
Der Hong Development
Der Chou Development
Gaw Capital Hong Kong
HCCH Architects
Lui Associates Architects
Jin Ray Development Taichung
Grand Palace for Lien Jade Development - Taichung 
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